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Articles I've written and published on a variety interests. I enjoy learning about new subjects and industries by researching and writing articles.



Blogs provide fresh content that drives traffic to your website. I blog for businesses who don't have time to, but understand and appreciate the value of blogging for their business.

Web Content

Web Content

Websites need love too, with fresh, quality content that's keyword rich to attract prospects, as well as the search engines. These are a few websites I've written content for.



Ebooks and eGuides are an effective way to establish yourself as an expert in your field, by educating prospects with relevent, reliable information they seek to make buying decisions.

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Establish Yourself as an Expert with EBooks

EBooks are an effective way to show off what you know and establish yourself as an authority in your field!

ebooksLet’s face it, when we read something in a book we are more likely to believe it as credible. There is something about seeing it in black and white that makes it more believable than when someone tells us something.

EBooks are easy to access digital books that establish credibility as the “go-to” source for advice. They are a popular marketing tool to attract new prospects. If you’ve considered writing one but the task seems daunting to you, I can help. I’ll write your eBooks so you don’t have to.

What the heck are eBooks anyway?

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They are short digital books, between 10-30 pages on average, that focus on a specific subject. EBooks are often written in a “How to” or “Expert Advisor” approach. The main purpose of an eBook is to educate and inform and persuade and influence readers about a specific subject, product or service.

Ebooks can be sold, but mostly they are used as an irresistible free offer to promote your business. They are an effective way to attract new prospects and grow your contact list. You give them valuable information that they seek. And, in exchange, they give you their contact information. They learn about the subject they’re interested in. You get to add another prospect to your sales funnel.

I write and edit eBooks for clients who want to:

  1. Establish themselves as an expert in their chosen field of business
  2. Grow their contact list of prospects to market to
  3. Create another source of revenue with an info-product
  4. Create and develop quality content for email marketing campaigns

An EBook is an effective marketing tool to establish yourself as an expert in your industry.

Some of my eBooks: 

Success in 60 Seconds eBook

Success in 60 Seconds Workbook

A New Paradigm for Prospecting

EBooks I’ve written for clients

Castaways Travel Clothing Optional Cruise Guide


This email course got a remarkable response with click through rates and downloads that exceeded the client’s expectations. 

Clothing Optional Mini-Course

Establish Yourself as an Expert and Thought Leader

If you want to influence and persuade prospects to buy from you rather than your competitors, then consider offering an eBook or eCourse as an irresistible free offer.

I write and edit eBooks for busy entrepreneurs who don’t have time to do it all. I’ll help you develop a content marketing strategy and plan of action that enhances your marketing effectiveness with an ebook and supporting email marketing campaign.

Contact Writing Diva Deb today at 760-560-7447 or deb@writingdivadeb.com to discuss how we can establish you as an expert with your own eBook.


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