What Problems Does Your Business Solve?

What Problems Does Your Business Solve?

When a Business Solves Problems it Serves its Customers


A business will thrive and succeed when it provides products and services that solve problems, relieve pain, or satisfy needs. If your business isn’t addressing a problem, pain or need, it is not a business. It’s a hobby you want others to fund.

Think about your business. Do you offer products or services? What is the purpose of these products and services? Think in terms of the end-user, instead of from behind the sales counter. How do your products or services benefit others?

Be a Business that Solves Problems

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Let’s focus on problems. No one likes problems. A lot of people even avoid them, hoping they will go away. Yet, not one human being on the planet will escape life without dealing with problems at some point in their lives. So, rather than resist that reality, as a business owner, you have a huge opportunity to serve others by becoming an expert problem solver.

What We Resist Persists

Most people don’t want to deal with problems, or they want a quick fix so they can feel good and comfortable as soon as possible. As a business owner, you have an opportunity to be their hero and to rescue them from their troubles by finding solutions for them. When you find the right solutions to common problems, your business has the potential to become quite popular.

People want to feel good. They don’t want their fun spoiled with a persistent problem that ruins their quality of life. When you come to their rescue and solve problems for them, you relieve them of stress and anxiety, frustration and discomfort. When you solve their problems for them, you relieve them of the burden of having to do it themselves. You put them out of their misery and back into enjoying life again.


People don’t like problems because they interfere with them enjoying their lives and doing what they want to do. Problems force people to confront themselves, their relationships, or their health and wealth issues. No one wants to stop to deal with a problem. They are an inconvenience that wasn’t planned for. It seems like life throws us a curve ball every now and then just to make sure we are paying attention. Problems are unplanned for events that we would rather not have to stop and deal with but eventually we must.

What problems Does Your Business Solve?

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So, what problems does your business solve for people? How can you help them solve their problems in the most effective way that restores their quality of life as quickly and painlessly as possible? When you become a master problem solver who serves others effectively, you provide a valuable service people will pay for.

Perhaps you have never seen your business in this way, as a way to solve problems for people. But, if you step back and look at your business from a fresh new perspective, what opportunities do you see for solving problems that you haven’t considered previously? How could you position your business to solve problems and serve people in a way that could increase your success?

When you are proactive about finding and solving problems for people, you become an expert that serves others with a valuable product or service they need.

How does your business serve people? What problems do you solve?

Deborah Brightstar ©2016

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