Serving Instead of Selling

Serving Instead of Selling

Selling is a noble profession.

But, sell is a four letter word. It provokes resistance in a lot of people. Either people resist being sold to, or they resist having to sell to someone. We’ve all experienced poor salesmanship from an unskilled, slick and sleazy, type of salesman. It is unfortunate that selling has become synonymous with that stereotype because it tarnishes the reputation of an ancient and honorable vocation.

Everyone is Selling Something


Believe or not, everyone is selling something, at some time, to someone, for some reason. Even you! Selling is essential to pretty much everything in life.

Selling actually is a noble profession. When selling is done right, it can have an incredible impact on your quality of life and the world. New ideas, inventions and solutions that improve our quality of life require someone to sell the idea to someone else. That is where is all begins.

When selling is done right, you don’t feel like you got sold. You feel like you got to buy something instead. You feel like you were served and taken care of, rather than taken advantage of instead.

Good versus Bad Sales Experiences

sellingCan you remember a time when you experienced someone selling you something and you thoroughly enjoyed the experience, even though you knew they were selling you? Why is that? What was it about their approach that persuaded you to be receptive? Why did you enjoy the experience?

Now, think of another time when you were completely turned off by a sales encounter. Did you feel angry and annoyed? Did they use high-pressure, manipulative tactics to try to sell you something? Did you feel like you needed to take a shower after the experience?

What was different between the two experiences?

When you “get sold”, doesn’t it feel like something was done to you or taken from you? It’s like they got one over on you. They conned or scammed you. They won and you lost. They got what they wanted at your expense. Right? Who isn’t going to resist that? No wonder so many of us are wary of salespeople and resist the idea of trying to sell something ourselves. Who wants to be “that person”?

Wouldn’t You Rather Buy Something than Be Sold Anything?

sellingWhen you get to buy something instead of being sold anything, it is a whole different experience isn’t it? Because when you buy something, you get something that you want or need.  It is your choice. You receive something you value. You feel good about it.

When selling is done poorly, it is at the expense of victims who lose. But, when selling is done skillfully, the way it was intended, buyers are taken care of and served. Their needs get met. Professional sales people focus on serving instead of selling, by solving problems, relieving pain, and satisfying needs. They focus on how they can serve their customers and clients with their products or services. They focus on giving rather than taking. They make sure that everyone wins, especially their customers.

You are Always Selling Something

sell, selling, for sale, salesLike it or not, we are all selling something. Anytime we influence someone to our way of thinking, or persuade someone to take an action or accept a new way of thinking, we are selling an idea, a request, or an object or experience.

When we date we are selling ourselves. When we try to get our children to do something, we are selling them. When we go job hunting, we are selling our skills and experience to the highest bidder. And the list goes on. We are all selling something to someone.


Selling is the exchange of money, or another commodity, for a product, service or promised outcome. When selling is done skillfully, people feel served. When it is done poorly, people experience buyer’s remorse.

Selling is the exchange of money, or another commodity, for a product, service, or outcome in return. When selling is done skillfully, people feel served. When it is done poorly, people experience buyer’s remorse.

Remove the Resistance to Selling

selling, sales, sellIf sell is a four letter word for you, then remove the resistance with a paradigm shift. Redefine what selling is and how you are going to approach it. Learn more about it. It is an essential skill for anyone in business to succeed.

The world has become a sophisticated place. In spite of all the advances in business and technology, we still have to sell stuff in order to exchange products, services and goods, make a living, feed our families, and bring new ideas and technologies to improve our quality of life.

Serving Sells

selling, servingSelling is a valuable skill. If you can sell, you can survive in any economy. If you want to remove the resistance and succeed at selling, try serving first. Then the sales will take care of themselves. When you serve instead of sell, you focus on giving someone what they need. You ask questions. You listen to them. You are sincerely interested in them. You help them get what they need and want.

When you are more concerned about getting the sale and cashing a check, it is all about you. You aren’t focused on who is on the other end of the transaction. It is not personal. It is just business. It is a deal you closed, not a person you helped.

If you want to succeed in your business or job, learn the fine art of selling by serving them first. Help others get what they want and need. Then you will be serving instead of selling. And, that is a noble profession by anyone’s standards.

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