Prospecting for Profits™

Got leads? Want some?
Prospecting for Profits is the Solution you’ve been looking for!


Are you a commissioned sales professional who has to prospect to earn a buck?
Do you resist prospecting?
Would you like to have more fun generating new leads for your business?

Like it or not, everyone is selling something, whether they realize it or not. You are selling yourself, your ideas and opinions, and your products and services, to earn a buck, attract partners for business or pleasure, and hopefully to make a contribution to the world in your special way.

In order to sell your product or service to someone, you have to find people to talk to about it first. That’s what prospecting is designed to do. When you do it. Then you have to find out if those prospects are interested enough to listen to you. Once you have an audience, then you have that one chance to attract, impress and motivate them to do business with you. So, how do you find those people? That’s where it all starts.

Removing Resistance for Sales Teams


Prospecting for Profits workshops are designed to:

  • Shift paradigms about what’s possible for prospecting
  • Remove resistance in the lead generation process
  • Teach sales professionals how to master the ancient art of prospecting
  • Empower sales professionals to have fun finding new business
  • Show you how to generate a constant flow of new leads
  • Succeed with less effort and more fun

Would you like to generate more leads the fun and easy way, with your sales team or receive one-on-one support?

Prospecting Coaching that Get’s Results


Prospecting for Profits coaching gives you one-on-one support with a prospecting partner who will empower you to find your own unique, effective way to to prospect that removes all the resistance and gets results.

If you’d like to find out more, please contact me to request a free copy of my eBook A New Paradigm for Prospecting or call 760-560-7447 to schedule your team for a Prospecting for Profits Workshop.

I look forward to supporting your success, by showing you how to prospect the fun and easy way! 

Rayana T. Starre © 2015

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