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I save busy professionals time writing quality content that gets results. When you're at a loss for words, I'll help you find them. I write so you don't have to.



As a professional speaker, Writing Diva Deb is an enthusiastic, engaging catalyst for inspiring positive changes that make success fun and easy for entrepreneurs and sales professionals. 



Our fun, dynamic workshops inspire and motivate busy entrepreneurs and sales professionals to sharpen their sales and presentation skills to keep their pipelines full and their businesses growing.



We showcase you at your best with branding taglines, slogans and quality content that attracts, impresses and motivates prospects to become customers.


Entertaining, Dynamic Professional Speaker at your Service!

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As a speaker, it is my mission to inspire, influence and motivate people to learn something new and take action that supports them in being more successful in their businesses.

I have the gift of gab and a strong aura of positive energy that lights up a room. I am fearless and actually enjoy speaking. It’s a powerful way to make a positive difference for others.

Did you know?

Public speaking is one of the top fears most people try to avoid. It’s a fear that can be overcome though, which enhances your self-confidence immensely.

Speaking is a skill that, once learned, can serve you in many ways. It’s a vehicle for influencing and pursuading many people versus one person at a time.

It’s also an opportunity to meet more influencial people and grow a thriving network and successful business.

However, since most people would rather throw themselves in front of a moving train, than speak in public, the next best thing is to find a speaker who will speak for you. I could be that speaker.

I will speak so you don’t have to.

Professional Speaker at Your Service

Speaking requires preparation, personality and a willingness to share yourself generously with others, with the intention of inspiring and influencing your audience. It takes confidence and humility simultaneously.

As a speaker you must present yourself in a polished, professional manner. You must be credible, authentic, accessible, and human, in order to connect with your audience in a way that touches, moves, and inspires them.

It’s my mission as a speaker to entertain, educate, inspire and motivate busy professionals to learn something new that makes a positive difference in their professional and personal lives.

When you schedule me as a speaker for your group, it’s my intention to make a positive difference and exceed expectations.

Here are some of the topics I speak about.

My Signature Talks for business are:

Success in 60 Seconds™ – How to make positive, polished, professional first impressions that attract and motivate people to meet you and find out more about what you can do for them.

Content is King and Queen and Everything in Between™ – Quality content and ad copy are the foundation for everything on the internet.

In this speech I show you some tips and tricks for improving your content on your website, blog, social media and marketing materials, in order to attract and convert more leads into paying customers.

Is Your Net Working? – How to become a master networker who connects people while growing your business.

Topics I speak on include:


  • Sales and marketing
  • Starting up a Business
  • Networking
  • Content Marketing


  • Bouncing Back from Adversity
  • Reinventing Yourself
  • How to be a Woman in a Man’s World
  • Creating a Supportive Sisterhood


  • There is a Solution for Pet Overpopulation
  • Keeping Pets Safe
  • Adopt, Don’t Buy!
  • Pets are People too


  • If We Don’t Save Our Planet, We will be Homeless!
  • Sustainable Solutions for a Shrinking Planet

Speakers Inspire and Motivate Others

We all get into ruts in our lives and just need something or someone to inspire us to see things a different way.

As a speaker, it’s my intention to empower people with a fresh perspective that inspires and motivates them to try something new in their business or life.

Speaking is a fun way for me to, make a difference, connect and grow my network, and make new friends.

If you’re part of a group, company, or organization that needs a boost of inspiration from an entertaining speaker, schedule me to speak at your next event.

Contact me at 760-560-7447 or to find out more. 

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