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I save busy professionals time writing quality content that gets results. When you're at a loss for words, I'll help you find them. I write so you don't have to.



As a professional speaker, Writing Diva Deb is an enthusiastic, engaging catalyst for inspiring positive changes that make success fun and easy for entrepreneurs and sales professionals. 



Our fun, dynamic workshops inspire and motivate busy entrepreneurs and sales professionals to sharpen their sales and presentation skills to keep their pipelines full and their businesses growing.



We showcase you at your best with branding taglines, slogans and quality content that attracts, impresses and motivates prospects to become customers.

Branding Services

What is branding anyway and why do you need it?


Are you unforgettable? Do people remember you and your business?

If not, you may need a branding muse to rescue you from obscurity.

Branding Helps You Get Noticed and Remembered

Writing Diva Deb is a branding muse who provides uncensored, limitless creative inspiration and ideas on how to position you and your business to get noticed and remembered.

As a branding muse, she uses her superpower for recognizing the unique talents and abilities of others to showcase their unique value to attract, impress and motivate prospects to become customers and raving fans.

She provides a fresh perspective and permission to think outside the box to create a brand for you that is unique and unforgettable.

What is branding anyway?

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Branding creates a unique identity for a business or entity that reflects their product, service, vision or mission with a logo, slogan, tagline or jingle that leaves a lasting impression that is catchy and easy for people to remember.

Why do I need branding?

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Branding isn’t just for big corporations or savvy marketing gurus anymore. If you want to get people’s attention and attract more business, then you have to make an impact and leaving a lasting impression. Branding does just that. It leaves a lasting impression that people remember.

Who needs branding?

Branding is a creative process that explores all aspects of your business, products and services and spins all that information into a creative and catchy identity that businesses and organizations can use to market themselves more effectively.


If you are just starting up a business, project or organization that you want people to notice and respond to, then you need a brand they can identify with.

Obscure Businesses That aren’t Getting Noticed

If you’ve been in business for a while and aren’t attracting enough attention, perhaps people just don’t know you’re there because you don’t have a brand identity that is memorable.

Damage Control

If you need to repair your professional brand and give it a facelift or a complete makeover, because of bad press or changes in market trends, you may need to rebrand your business identity.

Benefits of Branding:

  • Increases visibility
  • Makes you unforgettable
  • Attracts more attention and prospects
  • Marketing is easier and more effective
  • Adds value to your business
  • Boosts confidence and sales
  • Makes promoting your business more fun

If you need help getting your business, project or organization noticed, Writing Diva Deb could be the branding muse you’ve been looking for to make you unforgettable.

To find out how, call 760-560-7447 or email-, to discuss the possibilities of working together to create your unique brand.

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