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User Engagement Versus Bounce Rate

User Engagement Versus Bounce Rate

Get engaged or Bounce Baby Bounce!

An important measurement Google and the other search engines use to rank web pages in the search engines is “user engagement”- which is the amount of time someone stays on a web page. The longer they stay, the better your website’s user engagement score is.

Google is the God of SEO!

Google SEO

Google is the God of SEO. It sets the standards in which all others follow, and the rules keep changing. It’s a challenge to keep up.

Google ranks the best quality websites the highest in search results, so they are the most visible. There are many factors that Google uses to determine the quality and search-ability of a website.

What is SEO anyway?       seo spelled out

Search engine optimization (SEO), has become a complex system of checks and balances that factor in many variables to determine how to rank the highest quality websites for the best visibility during searches. User engagement is one of many variables to determine the quality and credibility of a website.

Increasing User Engagement is a Good Thing

Besides quality content that is keyword rich, there are other factors that increase user engagement.

Google figured that if there is a web page that people visit and stay on for a while, there must be something of value on that particular page worthy of their attention that is keeping them engaged.

Things like videos, interesting blog posts and articles, images and applications, and eBooks they can download, all increase user-engagement. Therefore, user engagement is one of the more important rating metrics Google and the other search engines use to determine SEO rankings of websites.

Increase user engagement to attract the search engines and make them happy and they will show your website some love.

Bad Bounce Rate, Bad!    bounce website

The opposite of user engagement is the dreaded “bounce rate” of a web page. A high user engagement score is good, whereas a high bounce rate is very, very bad.

The bounce rate is determined by how many people visit your website and don’t stay long, because there was nothing interesting enough to keep them engaged enough to stay on your website for very long.

A high bounce rate score means a lot of people are bouncing off your website pages quickly, because there is nothing of interest for them there.

User Engagement and Bounce Rate are Related

There is a direct correlation between user engagement and bounce rate. When you increase the user engagement of a web page, you automatically reduce the bounce rate of that web page.

Opposites attract. There is an inverse relationship between user engagement and bounce rate. Try to increase your user engagement and reduce your bounce rate.

We Help You Get Engaged

cute engagement

We help businesses increase user engagement by optimizing their web pages with quality content, videos, images, and marketing automation systems that attract, capture, nurture and convert leads into paying customers.

We engage, educate and inform prospects to learn more about your products and services and stay on your web pages longer to buy from you instead of your competitors. We make you, your customers, and the search engines happy with quality content and other strategies that increase time spent on your website.


Deborah Brightstar © 2015

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