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Is your Website Mobile-Friendly?

Is your Website Mobile-Friendly?

Mobile-Friendly Websites are Mobile-Responsive

Google has warned us for a few years now that they would be expecting more from our websites. That day has come. If you don’t want your website to lose its rankings in the search engines, then heed this warning. Your website must be mobile-friendly, aka-mobile-responsive.

Since so many people are now searching for things on mobile devices, wouldn’t it be nice if they could see your whole website in a user friendly way, no matter what device they see it on? Google thinks so. And because Google makes the search engine optimization (SEO) rules, based on ranking the best websites the highest in the search engines, now websites that are mobile-friendly/mobile-responsive have an added SEO benefit to those that aren’t.

There are three kinds of websites when it comes to being user friendly on any device. The first kind is a website that isn’t mobile friendly at all. A website that isn’t mobile-friendly only shows a piece of the page when you pull it up on a mobile device. In other words, you don’t see the whole page; you only see a corner of the page. These are very old style websites that really need to be updated to be user-friendly and rank well in the search engines.

The second kind of website used to be considered a mobile-friendly site. This is a step in the right direction, however, Google has redefined mobile-friendly to mean mobile-responsive now.

When you pull up what used to be considered a mobile-friendly website, you can see the whole website. However, it is a shrunken version of the website. In other words, it doesn’t reconfigure for that device. You can see the whole website, but it is so tiny that you may not to be able to read all the elements of the site without zooming in to see them better. Although these types of websites are better than not having a mobile-friendly site at all, they are still not ideal, because they are still not user-friendly.

Last, but not least, are mobile-responsive websites, which are now considered mobile-friendly websites according to Google. These are cool, sexy websites, because they accommodate the user experience no matter what device they are viewing the website on. Mobile-responsive websites actually change the way they display all the elements of a page based on what device is viewing them.

For example, if you open a website on an iPhone, Android or tablet it will display differently on each of these applications. Mobile-responsive/mobile-friendly websites are the best structure to insure that your website doesn’t lose any brownie points with the search engines and continues to rank well.

It’s easy to determine if your website is mobile-friendly/mobile-responsive. You can either adjust the size of your web browser window your website is displayed in, or pull it up on your mobile phone, or go to for Google to test it for you.

If it comes up funky, just pieces of a page showing, you know you’re in trouble and have some work to do. If it comes up in a shrunken version, you know it’s better, but still not mobile-friendly/responsive. If you pull it up and it looks like a different website from the one you see on your desk top or lap top computer, your web designer has taken good care of you.

If you have a Word Press website that is not mobile-friendly/responsive, ask your web designer to switch it over to a mobile-responsive theme for you, so you don’t lose your SEO rankings. Remember mobile-responsive and mobile-friendly are now the same thing according to Google. Choose mobile-friendly/responsive for the best search results.

Go to to find out if your website it mobile-friendly. You’ll be glad you did.

Deborah Brightstar © 2015

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