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Use Your Unique Value to Increase Your Assets

Use Your Unique Value to Increase Your Assets

Knowing Your Unique Value is Good for Business
unique value

Discover the Buried Treasure Within You

Are you sitting on top of a buried treasure and forgetting to dig to reveal your unique value? How many of us take our own unique value for granted? What do you have that’s unique that really serves and supports others? Perhaps all you need is a fresh perspective, another pair of eyes to see something old in a new way.

What is your unique value?

unique value

You may think that your product or service is what you provide to your customers, but perhaps it is something you aren’t even aware of that comes so naturally to you that you take it for granted. Maybe it is something you do in conjunction with your product or service that makes you unique.

In today’s competitive marketplace, you need to stand out in order to get noticed. What do you have that no one else does?

What are you taking for granted?

Often we don’t see our own greatness. It is something that comes so easily to us that we don’t even realize it is something that others would pay for. And, often we are the ones in the dark about what that special super power is that we possess that other’s wish they had. So how do you figure it out?

Other people often see things in us that we don’t see in ourselves. If you or your business needs a little reboot of fresh ideas and energy, perhaps it is time to seek outside opinions and feedback about you and your business. If you are open-minded you may learn a lot of interesting stuff that could help you recreate your marketing plan or buff up your brand.

Get a Fresh Perspective

unique value

A fresh perspective gives you a chance to get reacquainted with your own unique value. When you ask others for feedback on their experience of you and your business, they may surprise you with something you never knew was important. They could supply you with new marketing ammunition that helps you refresh your brand and reboot your lead generation activities just from discovering your unique value to them.

When you are clear about your unique value, then you can consciously and confidently market your business and better serve your customers with you strengths, talents, and abilities. You can capitalize on your unique value to attract more prospects, convert more leads into paying customers, and stay connected to raving fans who appreciate and value you and what you provide for them.

Dare to be different. It is good for business.

Your Unique Value is Your Greatest Asset

If you don’t know your true value, it is like shopping at a yard sale and discovering a priceless piece of artwork that is on sale for barely anything. The value or lack of it is perceived. What if you are that priceless painting that is worth millions, but you have been hiding in the garage and no one understands just how valuable you truly are?

What would possible in your business if you knew your unique value and used that to lead all your business marketing efforts? What products, programs or services could you create from your uniqueness? Could you improve a system or streamline a process? Could you create something unique that you could trademark or patent? What would you create if you knew you were priceless?

Keep the End Game in Mind

unique value

You are in business to make money providing a product or service that people want or need. Usually, that means your product or service is either solving a problem, relieving a pain or satisfying a need for your customers. How can you use your unique value to better serve them? How could you use your unique value to improve the value of your business and increase its assets?

Some day you are going to want to retire. Are you going to walk away from your business and all that hard work you invested? Are you going to just close up shop? What if your business was valuable enough to sell? What if there were a prospect who wanted to buy it?

If you think of the end game now, you can strategically use your unique value to increase the assets of your business, so you have more choices when you decide to retire.

Knowing your unique value and using it to serve others and yourself is good for business. How are you unique and how can you use it to increase your business assets and better serve your clients?

Deborah Brightstar © 2016

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