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7 Success Tips That Serve You and Them

7 Success Tips That Serve You and Them

7 Success Tips to Attract, Impress, and Motivate Your Ideal Clients

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Want to make a good first impression every time you meet anyone, anywhere, at any time with success tips that work?
Would you like your success to be as quick and easy as an introduction that grabs people’s attention and keeps it?
Read on to discover 7 proven success tips that serve you and your clients.

7 Success Tips that Serve

  1. Make quality connections – When you meet people for the first time, pause to be fully present and make a sincere connection with them. We are all busy. Often when we meet people at networking or social events, it is a quick and superficial. Dare to be different. Focus on quality connections rather than quantity of connections. People will appreciate your sincerity and be more open to doing business with you.
  2. Focus on them – We are all tuned into our own favorite radio station WIIFM – What’s in it for me. When you meet new people, be different. Focus your full attention and interest on them. Ditch the pitch. Ask them short open-ended questions that elicit long explanation answers. Listen and learn. They will tell you how to serve and sell them.
  3. Serve instead of sell – Sell is a 4-letter word. Serve rather than sell. This success tip requires a new approach to selling. If you serve your ideal client, the sales will happen naturally. People are shopping for solutions that solve problems, relieve pain, or satisfy a need. Support and serve them in getting their needs met.
  4. Dare to be different – We all want to fit in. Belonging is a basic human need. But, so is the desire to be loved and accepted for who you are. Rather than compromising yourself to fit into the group, why not blaze your own trail to attract your true tribe? How are you unique? How can you stand out and get people’s attention?
  5. Be a problem solver – We all want life to be easy, but it isn’t. It is natural for us to avoid unpleasant experiences and resist what is uncomfortable or hurts. Be a champion who helps people solve problems, relieve pain, and satisfy needs. This is related to serving. Go a step further. Dig in. Roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty. Work up a sweat on your client’s behalf. How committed are you to providing something of value for them? Find solutions that improve their quality of life.
  6. Provide value – Show people you are on their side and that you genuinely want to help them get what they want and need. Prove that you are trustworthy. Invest some of your own talent capital in them. Show them that you are not just there to make money, but that providing them with something of value is your top priority. Prove it. Under promise and over deliver. Make exceeding expectations an everyday occurrence in your business.
  7. Help them succeed – When they succeed, you succeed. Focus on the end-results your ideal client desires. Do whatever it takes to help them accomplish their goals and dreams, even if it is not directly connected to the product or service you provide. Invest the extra time and effort to help them succeed. They will notice and appreciate it.

serve not sellWhen you serve your ideal clients from your heart and head, it enriches the bond between you. When you focus on serving them with these success tips, you soar past superficial connections and invest in a longer-term commitment that serves them and prospers you.


The foundation of these 7 success tips is to create win/win collaborations between you and your clients that serve everyone. When you invest yourself fully into serving your clients, they notice and appreciate your extra efforts.

It takes more time and effort to commit to these success tips because it requires you to slow down and pause to be present and mindful with people. These success tips require you to shift your focus from making a sale to serving someone. They require you to open your mind and your heart to care about your clients as people who matter to you. You have to determine if those are the kinds of connections you want to make with your clients. Do you want to get up close and personal or play it safe? Try these 7 success tips to find out.

If you’d like to learn how to succeed by serving, check out our trademarked program Success in 60 Seconds.

Deborah Brightstar © 2016

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