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Focus on Your Ideal Client to Get on the Fast Track to Success!

Focus on Your Ideal Client to Get on the Fast Track to Success!

Define Your Ideal Client and They Will Come!

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Marketing gurus advise us to figure out who our ideal clients are and to only work with them, but why? Who is this elusive “ideal Client” that promises to make us a grand success? And, why should we focus all our attention on them? Why are they so special?

If you want to attract more business with less effort and expense, focus on your ideal client for the fastest route to your success. Here’s why . . .

Who is Your Ideal Client?

ideal client, target marketLet’s make believe a marketing magician comes along and waves a magic wand over your business. They have the power to make your business a raving success.

It starts with your ideal client. Think about that. If you had the perfect business and all conditions were exactly as you wanted them to be, wouldn’t it start with working with your ideal, perfect clients who value and appreciate you and pay you well?

So, who is your ideal client anyway? Do you know?

Your ideal client is the client who needs or wants your product or service, appreciates and values you for offering it and is willing to pay you well for it.

Your ideal client is your perfect client in every way. They are easy to work with. They pay you well and on time. They want what you offer. They are effortless to work with. You enjoy serving them. They are raving fans who tell all their friends and family about you and your business. They spread the word enthusiastically and gladly grow your business for you. They provide free marketing!

Clarity Leads to Success

One of the major benefits of defining your ideal clients is that you now know who you are talking to in your marketing message.

You can’t be all things to all people, nor should you try to be. Getting focused saves you time, money, and effort. It enables you to be crystal clear about the benefits you provide with your product or service to a specific group of people who value what you have to offer.

Defining your ideal client is the first step in your marketing strategy. Once you know “who” you can figure out “what” to say to them. You can speak in their language and address their specific problems, pains and needs. Once you know who your ideal client is, you can better serve and communicate with them directly.

Go Deep Instead of Wide

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Long gone are the days of the generalist who tries to be all things to all people. Being a Jack or Jill of all trades and master of none will only earn you superficial success. Going wide means you try to appeal to as many different people as possible, in hopes of attracting anyone who will listen to you pitch them. It is the amateur’s approach. Casting your net wide only catches what is on the surface. It doesn’t allow for you to go any deeper. It limits your success and the quality of prospects you catch.

When you cast a more vertical net into deeper waters you target a very specific species of prospects. You aren’t fishing for just anything you can catch. You are looking for the larger, more valuable prospects that swim in deeper waters to find better quality food and living conditions.

Fishing in deeper waters catches better quality prospects.

The Paradox of Specializing

Many small business owners are reluctant to focus on a special niche or target market because they are afraid it will limit their possibilities. But, marketing trends in the past two decades prove otherwise. The opposite is actually true.

When you focus on serving a target market, you can brand and become known in that population. You can position yourself as an expert to a select population. If you do, you are more likely to succeed because you will become a shark in a small aquarium rather than a minnow lost at sea.ideal client, target market

When you focus on your ideal client, you are more likely to get noticed and attract attention and interest from the few who will buy from you, than entertain the many who won’t.

Find Your Ideal Clients in Your Target Markets

ideal clients, target marketsWhen you focus on marketing to a target market, you choose to communicate and connect directly with your ideal client. Target markets are the hunting grounds where you find your ideal clients.

When you focus your marketing message to speak directly to your ideal client, they tune in and listen because you are speaking their language and focused on what’s in it for them specifically.

When you try to market to everyone your message is watered down and generic. It is weak and, therefore, doesn’t attract, impress, or motivate anyone into action. It is too general and nothing special at all. It gets lost in all the other sales and marketing noise out there.

Focus on Your Ideal Client for Success

blog for success, blogging, business blogIt takes faith and discipline to focus on your ideal client only. It is tempting to try to attract as many prospects as possible because it seems like you have more choices and, therefore, more leads. But, those are deceptive numbers. Would you rather have a bunch of window shoppers and tire kickers who will never buy anything or a few qualified prospects that are ready to buy with checkbook in hand?

When you focus on marketing to your ideal client and serving them with stellar service, you will actually spend less time, money and effort marketing to all the wrong people without results. You will attract better quality leads that convert quicker and easier because they are the right kinds of leads. Which would you prefer, lots of low quality leads that distract and detour you from your mission or fewer leads that require less time and effort to convert into paying customers?

The choice is yours. Be a generalist or be a specialist. Do you want to work harder and spend more time, money, and effort attracting lots of dead leads? Or, would you rather attract fewer quality prospects that convert quicker and easier into paying customers who value and appreciate you. Can you see now how focusing on your ideal clients really is the fast track to success. So, who is your ideal client? They are waiting to hear from you.

Learn more about defining your ideal client at Success in 60 Seconds™.

Deborah Brightstar ©2016

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