Why Blogging is Good for Business

Why Blogging is Good for Business

Blogging Helps Your Business Grow!

Blogging is good for business. It’s the content that keeps on giving over and over again. If you like the KISS – keep-it-simple-sweetheart method for success, blogging is the way to go.

Build a Blog and They Will Come

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There are a lot of choices out there for how to market your business. It can be overwhelming, confusing and expensive. Business owner beware. Be an educated, well-informed business owner. Blogging enables you to stretch your marketing dollars to get more bang for your buck. Seem too good to be true?

You either have to spend money or time to market your business effectively. Blogging can save you both.
Until you understand the value of something, you aren’t willing to invest your time or money into it.
That’s common sense. You need to see it to believe it. What’s in it for you?
If you spend your precious time or hard earned cash on blogging, will it pay off?
Yes, it will. Here’s how.

Benefits of blogging for your business:   blog, business blog, blogging

  • Blogging educates and informs prospects about your product or service
  • Well researched and written blogs influence and persuade buying decisions
  • Blog posts can be repurposed
  • Promote your blog on social media to drive traffic to your website
  • Develop a content library of intellectual property assets
  • Establish yourself as an expert in your industry
  • Blogging enables you to engage directly with your prospects and clients
  • It increases your visibility in the search engines
  • Repurpose blog posts into an eBook or info-products
  • Grow your contact list
  • Increase user-engagement on your website
  • Create another source of revenue
  • Attract industry leaders who become guest bloggers that endorse your business

I don’t have time to blog     blogging, blog, business blog

Time is your most precious commodity as a small business owner.
Most business owners don’t have time to add one more thing to their “To Do” list.
That’s why they don’t blog. They see it as one more thing they have to do.
They don’t realize the value of what blogging on a regular basis could do for their business.

If you don’t have time to blog for your business, hire someone to blog for you. It is content you can repurpose over and over again.

Delegate to Elevate – Blog Your Way to Success

blog for success, blogging, business blogThe challenge for a lot of small business owners is that they are prisoners in their own businesses.

Instead of realizing the American Dream of freedom, they are trapped working in their business rather than on their business.

Are you a business owner who has to do everything yourself because you don’t trust that anyone else can do it as good as you can?

It’s time to train, trust, and move on, so your business can grow. Wouldn’t you like to be free to do the things you are passionate about in your business?

Hire someone to blog for your business. It is the fast track to growing your business. Blogging is popular and bloggers are easy to find.

Blogging for your business provides a huge return on your investment (ROI). That content keeps on giving over and over again in social media posts, emails, and info-products.

Search engines love blogs! Blogging feeds them fresh content that keeps them happy and ranking your site higher and higher each and every month. Blogs also keep people engaged and coming back to your website over and over again.

How Often Should You Blog?

If you want your business to benefit from blogging, then post at least one blog post a month. Better still, blog once a week to really make things happen. If you want to go crazy, write three to four blog posts per week. Accordingly to Hub Spot, businesses that blogged between 12-16 times per months were the ones that saw the best results in growing their lists and converting prospects into paying customers.

Consistency is the Key to Success with Blogging

You don’t have to become a professional blogger for your business to benefit from blogging. Consistency is the key. Start with a small and manageable goal, like one blog post every month. Once you have mastered that, increase it to one blog post per week. One blog post per week is four each month. That adds up to almost 50 blog posts each and every year. Think about all that content that you could repurpose for other marketing uses, or to develop new products or revenue streams.

Blogging makes sense for small businesses on a tight budget because it gives you the most bang for your marketing buck. If you don’t have time to blog for your business, it is worth the investment to hire sometime to blog for you. It will pay off and be good for business in many ways.

Deborah Brightstar © 2016

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