Back to School

Back to School

Is it time for you to go back to school to learn something new?


It’s that time of a year again, when summer fun surrenders to school schedules, as parents whisk their college kids off to their dorms and the little ones shop for the perfect backpack for this year’s school supplies. Kids may not have a choice about whether or not they go back to school, but as adults we do.

What new skills do you want or need to learn to up your game and remain competitive in you profession? Did you know that learning new skills is good for your brain health? But it’s also good for your confidence too. When you learn something new it empowers you and makes you more marketable.

In today’s fast-paced, technology-driven internet world, those who don’t keep their skills current and sharp get left behind quickly. What you know and how you use those skills to serve others is what makes you valuable.

Mastery gives you power. When you’re an expert at something, people seek you out. What new skills or information do you want or need to learn this school season? Go back to school and go for it. You’ll be glad you did.

Back to School in Baja

It has been a long-held dream of mine to live in a Spanish-speaking country for at least a year, in order to learn to speak Spanish fluently. Recently I went for it and moved to Baja from San Diego. It is so exciting to be going for it and living a dream I’ve had for many years. And, guess what. I’m speaking Spanish every day now! My goal is to speak it fluently within a year. I think it could be sooner.

I have been studying Spanish for years from taking classes in high school and college to investing in programs like Rosetta Stone and Pimsleur. It has been fun learning Spanish, but in order to really learn a language and speak it fluently you really have to immerse yourself in a country and culture that speaks that language. So I did.

Now it’s Your Turn to Learn Something New

Do you have a dream that someday you will learn how to play the piano, surf, speed read or get trained in a whole new career? Life is short. These are the precious moments of life ticking away. If not now then when will you go for it and learn something new that makes you a happier and more interesting person?

Going back to school requires humility, planning, and discipline. You have to plan and prepare and then follow through and hang in there when the going gets tough, but it’s worth it when you can type 100 words per minute instead of 25, our have a meaningful conversation with a native from another country and culture. Learning new skills opens us up to new opportunities and experiences to jump out of our comfort zones and expand who we are and our life experiences.

What skill or interest do you want to learn about? What are you waiting for? Life is short. Before you know it you’ll wonder how it went so fast. If not now then when will you do your dream and learn something new that makes you and your life more interesting.

I dare you to do your dream and learn something new. Go back to school now, before it’s too late. Don’t die with any regrets of what you could’ve, should’ve, would’ve done if only you had more time. You have the time now. Go for it. Go back to school and learn something new now!

This year it’s Spanish. Next year who knows. But, I will always be the eternal student, learning something new until . . . .

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