About Rayana

About Rayana

Who is Rayana T. Starre?

As a copywriter, I use decades of sales, marketing, and business experience to serve my clients in branding and promoting their businesses.

As an entrepreneur and top-producing sales professional, I understand what it takes to succeed in business. I appreciate and understand that entrepreneurs are juggling a lot of balls in the air.

As a copywriter, Certified Mindful Coach, Science of Mind Practitioner, top-producing sales professional and entrepreneur, I developed a super-power for recognizing the special talents and abilities of others and showcasing them in a unique way that positions them to attract the attention they desire from their target markets.

Business Values

I believe businesses exist to solve problems, serve needs and enhance the quality of life of those they serve. If a business does those things effectively, they deserve to succeed and prosper. The values I serve my clients from are:

  • Integrity – under promise and over deliver
  • Accountability – stand by my work and don’t quit until I have exceeded expectations
  • Creative Expression – trust the process and let it flow through me
  • Service – provide what is needed and requested
  • Communication – listen to what the client is trying to say and then say it for them
  • Cooperation – work in partnership to help people and businesses achieve their goals
  • Inspiration – source the vision and dream of clients to surpass expectations
  • Fun – if we’re not having fun, what’s the point?

Superpowers that Serve and Support Success

I am a creative problem solver who channels my gift of gab and my way with words into creative ideas, catchy jingles, and branding taglines that flow easily from my lips and fingertips in order to serve my clients. I enjoy the challenge of creating something from nothing, to transform an idea into form.

My real superpower is recognizing the unique talents, skills, and abilities in others and showcasing them so they shine and succeed.

I see clearly now that everything I’ve experienced has led me to this marvelous destiny in my life. I am truly living my passion and purpose now. I am thrilled that I get to serve others in my special, unique way as a copywriter, sales coach, creative muse, speaker, and marketing consultant.

Experience, Education and Training

I come from a family of creative, intelligent, talented, educated, successful people who are engaged in life’s adventures, professionally and personally. My dad was an airline pilot, writer, and a United States Marine. My mother is an artist and small business owner.

Traveling a lot as a family provided us a rich childhood filled with diverse experiences that exposed us to interesting people, countries, cultures, and experiences. It also taught us to be open-minded, take risks, explore and embrace new experiences and cultures. As a result of our unique upbringing, we grew up as confident, independent, ambitious, and successful professionals.

I’m blessed I inherited creative talent from both my parents. I am a curious, competent, creative trail-blazer and muse who lives life on my terms. I love a good adventure and enjoy exploring and discovering new experiences and challenges. I solve problems for my clients that support their success. I am willing to take risks, try something new and continue to learn new skills that enable me to serve my clients better.

Sales and Real Estate Experience

I started my 30+ year sales career while putting myself through college when I started managing my mother’s real estate business. She taught me how to knock on doors and pick up the phone to drum up business. Prospecting came easily to me. I enjoyed meeting people and helping them prepare their houses to sell. We kept busy because we kept knocking on doors to see the people. Prospecting is a skill that has served me well in all of my businesses.

Prospecting and managing a successful real estate business opened doors to opportunity for me throughout my life. I worked with top producing real estate teams to generate leads for them and was also a coach at a real estate training company.

When I started up my own coaching and training company in 2001, I coached real estate agents, artists, and solo-preneurs on how to succeed, grow their businesses and build teams.

My Passion and Purpose

Even though the real estate business came easily to me, it wasn’t my passion. I wanted to help people in other ways. I graduated from the University of San Diego, Magnum Cum Laude, with a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Psychology. It was my intention to continue on to graduate school to become a psychologist. Then I discovered coaching and spiritual counseling. I became a certified Mindful Change Coach in 2001, before it was the trendy thing to do and everyone started branding themselves as a coach.

I built a successful coaching and training business, within a few weeks, practicing what I preach, “See the people and move your feet.” Coaching others and witnessing their success is rewarding work for me. I built my business by networking, prospecting and serving people.

I’ve started up and grown all of my businesses as a result of networking, prospecting and serving people. Integrity is one of my fundamental values. I walk my talk and practice what I preach in order to succeed. I enjoy the freedom of being my own boss.

Being an entrepreneur is not for the faint at heart. It requires ambition, determination, perseverance, discipline and a strong work ethic. But most importantly, I believe you must serve instead of sell in order to succeed in business.


I understand what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. As a copywriter and sales coach, I serve my clients with my education, training, experience and unique skill set that includes:

  • Started up and grew several successful small businesses in –  real estate, coaching, insurance, art and greeting cards, pet sitting/dog boarding, and copywriting
  • Top producing sales professional and lead generator in real estate and technology industries
  • Network and prospect to grow my businesses
  • Teach others how to network and prospect to grow their businesses
  • Create programs that educate and empower real estate and mortgage professionals and small business owners how to network and prospect successfully
  • Certified Mindful Coach
  • Coach clients to become top producers and achieve outstanding business and personal goals
  • Write creative ad copy that attracts, impresses and converts prospects into customers
  • Achieve first page SEO rankings in Google organically
  • Published articles online and in print
  • Write and edit ebooks, eGuides, and eCourses
  • Invest in writing, sales, leadership, and business training
  • Persevere through successes and failures
  • Learn and succeed by doing it – action and results oriented
  • Practice what I preach- work with coaches and mentors to grow and develop myself personally and professionally
  • Write content for websites, ebooks, blogs, social media, ad copy, email campaigns, scripts and speeches
  • Write short stories for creative fulfillment
  • Currently writing a book

When you’re at a loss for words, I’ll help you find them. I write so you don’t have to.

Rayana T. Starre © 2015

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